Membership Benefits

Business Promotion and Visibility

Being our member comes with various benefits that can help boosting your business.

Our mission is to connect and grow opportunity for all who do business in Serbia and in Belgium.

Increase your online presence and business exposure by getting your business promoted in our online Member Business Directory. The Directory also serves as a guide in the member’s communications. The members help promote each other’s business, too.

Depending on the membership level, members get their logo placed on the BSBA Website.

Share Your News

Share your company news on our website, social media and print advertising.

Access to Business Information

As a member, you will receive regular updates from us via e-mail, our website and social media providing key data, information and resources on the  issues affecting your business.


Offer Member 2 Member benefits and discounts to your products and services to your fellow members and take advantage of the discounts and special offers provided by other members.


Members can display the BSBA membership sticker / the BSBA logo on their Website and include it on their materials.

Social Events, Professional Development & Networking

Attend a variety of informal networking events as well as formal educational events – seminars, working lunches, business after hours, special events etc. which enable you to develop both personally and professionally. Covering key issues facing the Serbian market and our members, these events provide members with great opportunities to get to know new people and expand their prospect base. All membership levels give free or discounted access to all activities and events.


Seminars/Working lunches

We invite guest speakers and experts to speak on current and for our members most relevant topics. Presentations are always followed by Q&A interactive sessions, discussions as well as experience and information exchange.

Social Networking Events

The BSBA offers a variety of opportunities for its members to stay connected with each other and with the community.

Members have access to many free or discounted business networking events including both informal members-only gatherings and wider regional, national and international events.

Contacts with relevant authorities at ministerial levels

The BSBA is an active working member of the Mixed Chambers Council at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and brings issues, forwarded by the members, for discussion with and solution from the relevant authorities to the latter.

Contact us

Belgian-Serbian Business Association | Belgijsko-srpska Poslovna Asocijacija
Koče Kapetana 30/I app 2,
11000 Beograd - Belgrade
Srbija - Serbia

Milica Vranjanac,
Executive Director
+381 (0)65 2139213

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Belgian-Serbian Business Association
Belgijsko-srpska Poslovna Asocijacija

Koče Kapetana 30/I app 2, 11000 Beograd - Belgrade, Srbija - Serbia

Milica Vranjanac, Executive Director
+381 (0)65 2139213

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