In cooperation with its member, the law office Popović, Popović and Partners, the Belgian-Serbian Business Association organized a seminar “Patent Protection in RS – Overview and Tips” on February 28 th , 2023.

Natalija Popović Maksimović, attorney-at-law, provided an overview of the patent protection in the Republic of Serbia. The attendees had the opportunity to learn what a patent is and what it protects, novelty features of the patent invention and inventiveness of a patent. They also had the opportunity to hear more about what makes inventions to be considered industrially applicable, as well as examples of patents in business. The path to a patent was also presented, as well as stages in the procedure of obtaining a patent. One part of the seminar was also dedicated to the employee inventors and patent ownership.

After the formal part, the participants had the opportunity to ask questions, share their dilemmas, hear
some practical examples and, finally, get some guidance and recommendations from the speaker.