On February 10th, 2022, the Belgian-Serbian Business Association held a webinar, organized in cooperation with its member, the law office KSEL Advokati – Internal Code of Conduct and Procedure Related to Harassment in the Workplace

The attendees had the opportunity to hear more on the legal framework regulating this topic, on how the employee-employer conduct is regulated in the workplace and how this topic usually gets handled in practice, from the attorney-at-law, Ksenija Sorajić-Baković.

Second presentation, held by Una Draganić-Vuković, covered the term harassment and the legal framework, how to file a request for initiation of a procedure for protection from workplace harassment, rights and obligations of employees and the employer in case of initiation of a procedure for protection from workplace harassment.

The presentation was followed by an open discussion, during which the attendees used the given opportunity to ask questions.