It gives us a great pleasure to share the news that Walter Knabe, director of Metech d.o.o. and a Board member of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association, received an award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia/Regional Chamber of Commerce Pozarevac and was titled one of the best regional business leaders in 2020.

It is always an immense pleasure seeing our valuable and dedicated members accomplishing great things day after day.

Our warmest congratulations go to Walter Knabe and the whole Metech team.

“Dear Members of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, I thank you for this reward, although I couldn’t do this on my own. I like to thank also Vojislav Jovanovic, Eduard Rutten, Rik Jans, Geert Raymakers and all the Metech employees that support Metech to achieve this. The whole Metech team was always there where we need them even in this times of corona. Not I make it, but the great Metech team inspire me to go further. Thank you Metech team.”.

Awards for the most successful companies and the best business leaders are traditionally awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce every year.