The 10th Annual General Assembly meeting of the Belgian-Serbian Business Association was held online, on December 15th, 2020. The Assembly gathered representatives of the member companies and was honored with the presence of H. E. Mr. Koenraad Adam, Honorary Ambassador Denise De Hauwere and Ms. Marijana Milošević-Tufegdžić, Economic and Trade Counsellor at the Embassy of Belgium, honorary ex-officio members of the BSBA.

An annual activity report and financial report for 2020, as well as an activity plan for 2021 were unanimously adopted. The members of the BSBA unanimously elected Walter Knabe, Metech as member of the Board of Directors (elected as a replacement to serve for one year, until the end of his predecessor’s term) and re-elected Milica Vranjanac as executive director, for another 2-year term.

The Rules of Procedure of the General Assembly that defines the manner of operation of the General Meeting of the Belgian – Serbian Business Association – ,,BSBA”, in particular: preparation and convocation of sessions, conducting and holding sessions (opening, course on the session, quorum, decision-making process, delay, termination and closing the session, maintenance of the order on the session), minute of the  session and rights and duties of the Association members were unanimously adopted.

Click here to read the full Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting.