“Dear BSBA members, Dear Milica and Hugo,

I would like to join my voice to that of Milica in thanking all the BSBA members that responded favourably to my invitation to mark our National Day with a joint Embassy – BSBA solidarity action. 

I am indeed well aware how difficult it is in these days for all of you to keep your business going. Your efforts are of crucial importance, for your business sake of course, but not in the least as well because of your contribution to lots of Serbian families’ livelihoods.

Irrespective whether you were able to join our action or not,  I am truly appreciative of your  commitment and energy to keep on investing in these ventures, efforts that also help to boost the Belgian image in Serbia.

I believe our solidarity action was a great success, with a lot of positive media coverage.

Once again thanks to the participating companies, and to former Ambassador Denise De Hauwere and Defence Attaché Deneys who joined forces to collectively bring together more than 15000 € in support of the health sector.

Last but not least : thank you Milica for your support in mobilising BSBA  membership.

Very much appreciated !

Best wishes, keep it safe !

Koen Adam