The Belgian government is happy to announce Belgium’s election to the United Nations Security Council. As of 1 January, our country will be a non-permanent member, for the 6th time in its history. It will carry out this important responsibility for two years (2019-2020), together with the other newly elected members: Germany, South Africa, the Dominican Republic and Indonesia, as well as the ten other members of the Security Council.

Our campaign motto was “Building consensus. Acting for peace”. A motto that is part of our DNA, which is to build bridges between countries, between communities, between groups and to seek compromises, however difficult they may be, and finding solutions that can satisfy all parties.

Belgium enters the Security Council at a crucial time when multilateralism no longer seems self-evident to everyone and is even called into question by some, while our planet is facing many global issues, such as tackling climate change, promoting sustainable development, the fight against terrorism, illegal migration, etc. The Security Council is dealing with major crises that cannot be resolved without a concerted response from the international community. These many challenges will require a considerable effort to build consensus and act for peace. Belgium is ready to take up this challenge and will do so with enthusiasm and conviction.

This election is the crowning achievement of a campaign that involved all of our diplomatic actors and was supported by all members of the federal government. We will also take up our mandate in the spirit of the “global approach” that Belgium has adopted, bringing together its diplomatic, defence and development cooperation resources to contribute to the “perpetuation of peace”, in line with the appeal from the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Charles Michel, Prime Minister: “This excellent result is a reward for nearly 4 years of diplomatic efforts, at all levels. This election reaffirms the credibility, efficiency and professionalism of our diplomacy, which succeeded in convincing no fewer than 181 Member States to give us their vote. Convincing them that we are a serious candidate. Convincing them that we are ready to assume our international responsibilities again.”

Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation: Minister De Croo, who is also responsible for humanitarian affairs, said that Belgium puts great stock in respect for international humanitarian law, human rights and gender issues. The fate of citizens who suffer as a result of conflict, especially women and children, must be the primary concern of the UN Security Council,” he said.

Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs: “In exercising this mandate, Belgium will ensure that it is a constructive, reliable and open partner within the Council and for the international community as a whole. The spirit of dialogue that guided us throughout our campaign will continue to be the hallmark of our actions during our two-year mandate.