September 27th 2017 – The Belgian-Serbian Business Association held its Annual Members’ Evening to thank its members and friends for their continued support and dedication, the Board of Directors organized, now already traditional, Members’ Evening, at the IN Hotel, Lounge Bar INcognito.

Mr. Ewoud Roes, First Secretary at the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade, greeted the guests and announced the BSBA’s assistance and support in connection with the arrival of a new Belgian investor, Copahome, in Zrenjanin. Dr. Hugo van Veghel, Chairman of the BSBA, held a welcome speech, wishing the old and new members and friends successful networking and announcing the release of the new BSBA website.

Enjoying support from the Belgian Embassy and the Office of the Trade Commissioner and with members including businessmen people active in Belgian-Serbian trade relations in various sectors, the BSBA is the heart of a growing network with access to a variety of companies and institutions directly involved with prospects and business in Serbia and in Belgium.

The Members’ Evening ended with a lottery draw sponsored by the guests. Altogether, it was a successful event, providing business men and women an opportunity to connect, share thoughts and ideas and discuss new business opportunities in a pleasant atmosphere.

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