Belgium’s Elicio completes construction of Malibunar wind farm – Test operations in November, value of investment EUR 14 million

Elicio has completed the construction of the Malibunar wind farm with four turbines with 8 MW of total capacity. The expected annual production of the wind farm is 25 GWh, sufficient for supplying 7,200 households, whereas the CO2 emission will also be reduced by around 16,000 tons a year.

Elicio invested EUR 14 million in the construction of the wind farm, of which EUR 9.8 million was provided by UniCredit Bank through a loan. The test operations are supposes to start in November, and the facility should be put into operation at full capacity in early 2018.

Parallel to the Malibunar wind farm, the company has been developing the Alibunar wind farm since 2010, and the construction began this June.

The Alibunar wind farm will have 21 turbines with 42 MW of total capacity. The total value of the investment is EUR 80 million, of which 19.1 million was provided by the World Bank’s IFC, 40 million by commercial banks and the remaining amount of over EUR 20 million by Elicio.

The Malibunar and Alibunar locations were picked as the optimal location for wind farms in this area of Southern Banat following precise ground explorations and measurements of wind speed and quality, also confirmed by a wind atlas study.

Elicio, a member of the Belgian industrial giant Nethys, is the owner and the contractor of the project of construction of the Alibunar and Malibunar wind farms.
Ambassador Leo D’Aes, First Attaché Ewoud Roes and Chairman of the BSBA dr. Hugo van Veghel attended the event in Malibunar.