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Aqua park opens in Backi Petrovac – Thermal water keeps complex in operation the whole year long

Aqua park opens in Backi Petrovac – Thermal water keeps complex in operation the whole year long

The aqua park Petroland, in which Slovakia’s Aqua Therm Invest has so far invested EUR 8.5 million, was opened Monday in Backi Petrovac. Petroland is the largest aqua park in this part of Europe.

According to the words of Jan Brtka, the director of this aqua park, the first phase of construction of a tourist and recreation complex was completed Monday, and the value of the project will reach a total of EUR 22 million in two years, when the complex is expected to be completely finished.

- This project represents a new page in the history of tourism in Vojvodina because every foreign tourist who comes to the Province will wish to visit the aqua park in Backi Petrovac – said Vojvodina Prime Minister Bojan Pajtic, adding that the project provided a great opportunity for the development of the service sector.

What makes the aqua park in Backi Petrovac different from most other similar facilities is thermal water that is used to fill all swimming pools within the complex, thus making it possible for the park to be open during most of the year.

This water is drawn from the depth of 800 meters and its temperature is close to 40 degrees Centigrade. Water in the pools is chilled and its temperature during winter months should be about 30 degrees, thus enabling people to enjoy their swimming, while the surrounding air will be heated in a special balloon.

The aqua park is situated at the very entrance to Backi Petrovac, on the road to Novi Sad, from which it is only 18 kilometers away. Once the third phase of construction is completed, the surface of the aqua park will grow from current 6 to 26 hectares.

There are now various water slides, swimming pools for children and adults, a playground for children and sand sports facilities within the park.

The director of the aqua park announced that Petroland would also get an Olympic swimming pool, an amphitheather, indoor swimming pools and bungalows in the future, adding that the plan was to finish the construction of a hotel in 2013.

All swimming pools are covered with a special flooring from Italy, which precludes the presence of the bacteria causing Legionnaires’ disease.

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