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Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends,

I am particularly pleased to welcome you on the web site of the Belgian Serbian Business Association (BSBA).

The BSBA wants to create a forum for the Belgian-Serbian economic community in the country. That is why we are inviting relevant people according to two criteria. On the one hand all Belgian business people who live and work in Serbia, whether as expatriates or as residents, and on the other hand those business people who represent or express Belgian business interests in this country, whether they are Serbian or have another nationality.

The Belgian Serbian Business Association is a business club which meets on a regular basis. The common language among us is English, so we conduct our meetings in English.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to develop in Serbia the links between Belgian business people, business people representing Belgian interests, business people from Belgium and Serbia with general mutual interests and with the Belgian Embassy in Belgrade, including the offices of the economic and commercial attaché. We also want to pay attention to social and cultural issues, all in the framework of European Integration.

We certainly don’t want to be just a talking club. There are enough of those already and we all have too busy schedules to indulge in that. We want this Belgian Serbian Business Association to create added value for all of its members.

How we do this?

By organising thematic events, by inviting guest speakers, by offering case studies and exchanging experiences and best practices, by creating a platform for meetings with the Serbian authorities, by meeting with other business fora in this country, etcetera.

The bottom-line is this: the Belgian Serbian Business Association is here for you. It is up to the members, to tell us what they expect from it, what they want it to become.

Enjoy your stay on the site and we hope that you will find it interesting enough to join us.

Hugo A.M. van Veghel, PhD